Friday, February 17, 2012

Report on Relief for Nigerian Terrorist Attacks

As many of you are aware, Caleb Ministries sent out a plea for urgent help in removing refugees from the terrorist killing fields created by Boko Haran in Eastern Nigeria. Literally hundreds of Christians are being slaughtered by terrorists. We wired $2,000 to equip our bus with new tires, guards, food and supplies to bring out victims to safety. Here are some of the results.

 Ebenezer Mandu writes as follows: 

Hello sir,
I am writing t o thank you for making it possible for pastor and his caleb goodnews group to come and evacuate us from kano state nigeria. Otherwise we would have been dead by now. So many people have died and are still dying up till now. It was even risky for him to come. Our problem now is how to start a new life. We are four families staying with pastor chibuzor and i know is difficult for him to feed all of us including his family. We are begging for your financial help to help us start life afresh sir. Thank you sir for your help. May God continue to help you.

One of the rescued elders writes as follows:
Elder John Orji and Children
Dear sir,
My name is elder John Orji.I hail from Imo state Nigeria. I am a Christian ,born again and filled with the Holy Ghost. I want to thank you for using Pastor Chibuzor Ezeh to save my life and that of my children from death in the hand of the muslim boko haram. They killed my wife that night but miraclously i escaped with children. We are now staying in the house of Pastor Chibuzor at Enugu. May God reward you and Pastor Chibuzor.
                                                                                       Thank you sir. Elder John Orji
Caleb Africa Director Chibuzor Eze reports as follows:
Director Eze carrying rice bags

Hello dad,

My heart is full of joy and happiness as i make this report. First,i want to thank you for the opportunity to serve in your ministry. After reading the chorba trail, my life has changed after seeing what you went through in eastern europe. I will continue to serve God and man with every thing i have till the end of my life. Once again,i say thank you sir. We bought the tyres as we told you.We were able to go to kano state 2 times, maidugiri 1 time, and bauchi 2 times. In all, we were able to evacuate 18 families, about 44 persons in all inclding women and children. When we came back, we bought 20 bags of rice at 8,000 naira(50 dolla,rs)a bag.Total 160,000 naira (1000 dollars) We bought cloths and shared to them because the had none as their houses were either burnt down while some left their home with nothing.60,000 naira (375 dollars).,5 tyres at 12,000 naira each, total 60,000 naira .(375 dollars.) We bought fuel and feeding with the remaining money. We have been able to send 14 families back to their villages while 4 families are still staying with because they dont have houses in their villages where they will stay.We trying to see how we can rent houses to settle them at enugu. It has not been easy for me feeding them all this time including my family. My wife and i are pastors. We are therefore appealing for more help from you.1 room appartment costs 5,000 naira, and you are required to pay for 1 year which is 60,000 naira times 4,= 240,000 (1500 dollars). nigerian government is not telling the world the truth about what is happening in nigeria. I attach here with the photo of the bus and the bags of rice.I will send more photos later. Thanks dadr son pastor chibuzor ezeh. ...  

Caleb Ministries is wiring an additional $2,000.00 today to help resettle the evacuated families, buy food and supplies and to relieve the strain on the modest house of Chibuzu Eze. This has been a huge undertaking by our modest ministry but one we deem very much worthwhile. We thank you all who donated to make these five journeys possible and we ask your continued prayers regards our efforts to bring out more refugees.

Caleb Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 2

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Caleb Newsletter Vol 1 Issue 1

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